Getting Help with the GST and HST Rebate Process for Preconstruction Real Estate

Did you know that thousands of eligible investors in Ontario have forgone their right to file for their HST rebate? The CRA is currently in possession of tens of millions of dollars paid in HST on real estate that could be claimed by either Canadians or foreign investors (that’s right – you do not need a SIN number nor to reside in Canada to be eligible for the New Residential Rental Rebate program). There are principally 3 types of rebates:
  • The HST New Housing Rebate that applies to builders and purchasers when they buy a primary residence as new construction from a developer
  • The New Residential Rental Property Rebate for which new construction investors are eligible for when they have a 1 year lease with a tenant
  • The Substantial Renovation Rebate for which homeowners have renovated 90% of their primary residence

HST is not charged on the resale of real estate in Ontario. If you have or are thinking of purchasing real estate from a builder, get the facts about the ancillary costs associated with your purchase including HST and additional closing costs. At HST Relief:Rebates & Loans, we are here to consult for free.


What are the services offered by HST Relief: Rebates & Loans?


We advise our clients on how to close their new construction investments without triggering an audit or forfeiting their right to their HST rebate with CRA. We prepare HST rebate filing for our clients, ensuring they do not submit a filing that will trigger audit or result in a declined rebate. CRA has published a 74-page manual with instruction on the rebate filing. For a small portion of the rebate amount, HST Relief will have their team of experts file for you. Importantly, HST Relief offers financing in the form of a short term loan for the HST amount that you may need to close your investment property. The loan is issued through your real estate lawyer on closing in order to cover the HST amount due. In order to qualify for this service, you will need a 1 year lease agreement with a tenant and a decent credit score. When we file to get your rebate back just after closing, the issued HST rebate amount will pay off the loan.


Call HST Relief for more information on our few consultation and our rebate filing and loan services. For more online reading on HST applied to real estate, check out our clients’ FAQs with our team’s detailed answers posted here.

HST Rebate for AirBnB

I understand that you must rent an investment property in order to qualify for the HST rental rebate.  Can I show my earnings from Airbnb (I am claiming it in my taxes with CRA) to get the rebate?


By HST Relief (Admin)
Good question.  The Rental Rebate requirements to get the rebate portion of HST back ask for the submission of a 1 year lease agreement to CRA along with the application.  If you do not submit a 1 year lease, likely what will happen is the CRA will deny you the rebate and you will have to then file an appeal.  This can take anywhere from 6 months - 1.5 years to be addressed, severely delaying the rebate cheque that you were expecting.  Our strong suggestion would be to have a 1 year lease with a tenant so that you automatically qualify for CRA's rebate program.
Call us for more questions about eligibility for the HST rental Rebate - 1.866.832.1990
or email us at:
If you are in need of a loan to cover the amount of HST on closing, inquire about our loan services.  We also file HST rebates for our clients who have paid a portion of HST on closing and want their money back! 

In Toronto, who qualifies for the HST rebate?

Hi There,
I have purchased real estate in the past and am considering future investments.  I want to know, in Toronto, who qualifies for the HST rebate?  Is this for all income property purchases?


By HST Relief (Admin)
First, you must have paid HST on closing for your new construction investment properties in order to be eligible to get it back. HST is only charged on new construction, not resale purchases.  Secondly, you must have a 1 year lease with a tenant and you must file for the New Residential Rental Rebate program after final closing. 
HST amounts due on closing range from $17,000 - $24,000.  Get help to file your HST Rebate with us for a flat fee.  Call 1.866.832.1990 or email

When do you pay HST for my new condo?

I am looking at my Purchase Agreement for a new condo I purchased at Ocean Club Waterfront downtown Toronto.  It looks like there is HST built into the purchase price.  That means I do not have to pay HST on closing, correct?


By HST Relief (Admin)

A portion of the HST is built into the price that you sign for on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and a portion is due on closing.  The portion that is due on closing is the HST rebate amount, and differs depending on what the purchase price is.  In other words, it's weighted by purchase price.  For example, if the HST Rebate is exactly $24,000 then that will be the amount of HST due on closing.  It works this way because if you were going to be moving in as your primary residence, this amount would be credited as the HST New Housing Rebate on the day of closing.

If you need help closing your new condo, we offer HST loans to cover the amount due on closing.  Then, we'll file your HST rebate and get your money back.  Call us at 1.866.832.1990.

Preconstruction condo investing in Toronto

I am considering purchasing another condo from a builder, since my first has been such a wonderful investment.  I am pleased with the rental income that I am making and also the capital appreciation.  As preconstruction condo experts, where do you recommend investing?  Thanks Donna


By HST Relief (Admin)
Hi Donna,
Where to invest is always a personal choice.  There are a few key tenants we recommend you keep in mind.  Here are some brief tips:
 - Real estate value tends to move in concentric circles.  Choose condos closer to the downtown core that have accessibility to the subway and TTC.
 - Invest in well-made condos.  Builders like Tridel are known for quality construction.  This is important if you intend to make your investment long-term and you are mindful of money-pits such as condo fees, etc.  Building reputation is an important consideration for resale value.
-  Don't purchase at future value.  That is, that some condos are now being sold at a price per square foot that is more expensive than current property value nearby.  This means, it'll take you much longer to make money on your investment.
- Be mindful of the rental market.  Check first whether or not it is reasonable to rent your investment condo in that area for enough money per month to over your hard costs like condo fees, your mortgage and taxes.
Purchasing preconstruction condos in Toronto is not the same game as it used to be.  CRA is targeting what they define as a "flipper", which means, you cannot buy, close and sell shortly after final closing without being audited and hit with much higher taxes from CRA.  You will also have to pay the HST rebate amount on closing and file for the rebate afterwards.  Call us for help with these issues so that you can continue investing in Toronto while staying in CRA's good books! 

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